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  Making a successful curry

This page explains how to prepare to make a curry and can be used in conjunction with our recipes or our curry kits if you wish to learn about the method of making curries then Click here for the curry secrets methodology

  Be Prepared

The biggest single help to success is to get everything prepared before you start cooking. This means read the whole recipe before you do anything and work out all the things you need to do before you actually begin cooking. Usually this will include chopping the onions, grating ginger, crushing garlic, chopping the meat up or marinating it etc. Don't start cooking anything untill all the ingredients are prepared. Once you have gained experience you may be able to manage your time a little better and know what to prepare when but for your first few attempts make sure everything is prepared and on plates or little dishes waiting to be added at the right moment.


Add Chilli powder a little at a time and taste until it is at the right level. Once you have too much you can't easily remove it (better to provide yogurt when serving to temper the fire). Not all chillies or chilli powders are equal either so even with the same brand chilli powder ensure you add a little at a time. True chilliheads can always add extra chilli by powder, sauce or fresh at the table.

  Don't Multitask

You are cooking a curry, don't allow yourself to nip off and start the washing or lay the table, it is so easy to get distratcted and before you know it something is overcooked, burnt, dried out or your rice has gone to mash. This is a great piece of advice that I wish I could follow but I can't and sometimes it bites me :)

  Oil and Fat

Don't skimp on the oil. Olive Oil is tasty and good for you. Oil is absolutely essential for conducting flavour of the spices and meat or vegetables. You can skim off excess before serving but not during the cooking.

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