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Curry Cooking Tips and Help

Adding Yogurt

1. Why does it curdle and make a mess?
When adding yogurt, add a small dessert spoonful at a time, mix it in well before adding the next.

How can I thicken my curry sauce?

There are many ways popular in Indian Curry cooking to achieve this they include:

Now my sauce is too thick!

Just add a little water, until the consistency is as you wish.

My curry tastes bland - whats wrong?

Never forget that all food, even highly spiced curries need the basic taste elements which our tongues can detect, so don't forget the salt or sugar or both.
Another common problem is that many people who cook curry infrequently will use old spices that have been opened long ago. Always use freshly openened spices if you can, I don't use jars that have been opened over a week. To check open the lid and take good long smell, it should be strong and pungent, not stale or odourless.

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