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Curry Catering

Catering size tubs of Curry Sauce

We are able to supply to order any Curry sauce from the standard Indian Restaurant fare through to some very exotic dishes that you will not see on the menu. So if you are a Pub, Restaurant or just throwing a party why not give us a call to see if we can help?

Curry Nights

We regularly do curry nights for local pubs in and around berkshire. They really do bring people in and are a great way to increase trade on quiet days. Below is an example of how popular they can be based on a recent curry night held on a Sunday in a small wet sales only pub in Wokingham:

We are always happy to come and supply the curry on the night, produce promotional posters and are very flexible with our own equipment or working in your kitchen.

Contact Gavin on 0118 979 8286 for more information.