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The original Indian Dried fish is now back in the UK. 100g. Actually it is out of stock apparently due to EU bureaucracy. We are told it will return again but have no dates at this time. If you would like to be notified when it is back please send us an email and we will add you to the list.

Do you remember Bombay Duck? We do, this crispy dried salted fish with a pungent smell used to be a regular starter with the poppadoms in most Indian restaurants, sadly no more. If you like strong fishy salty tastes like anchovies you may well love this. When you bite into it, it has a brittle crystaline texture that crumbles in your mouth, followed by a wave of the ocean as salt and sea cascade across your tastebuds, finally the roof of your mouth gets set on edge in a similar way to the effect of strong cheddar cheeses, and you know instantly that this is a true gourmet delicacy. Once upon a time you could get it in every Indian Restaurant in the country, but alas now only in a select few. We have managed to procure a small batch of this Indian delicacy for sale. For those who do not know, Bombay Duck is a Dried Salted Fish. You fry it for a few minutes and serve hot as an accompaniement to poppadoms or a curry. Beware it is an acquired taste, which I have done my best to describe above. If you remember it and miss it then this is for you. Approximately 100g dried fish.

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How Easy is this to cook? Deep fry or shallow fry in medium hot (140-150 degrees) oil for about 5-7 minutes, drain and serve

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