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Plain Poppadoms(poppadums, Appalam)


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Pack of plain poppadoms. Fry in hot oil for perfect Indian restaurant style poppadoms. 200g pack

Fry 1 at a time in hot oil, just beginning to smoke. Use tongs or 2 egg slices and dip in the oil, they will immediately almost double in size from the raw size you can see in the picture. Remove, shake off excess oil and allow to drain on some kitchen roll. If the poppadom burns either the oil is too hot or it was left in too long. If the poppadom is still greasy after a couple of minutes rest then the oil should be a little hotter. Greasy poppadoms can be dried in a low oven for 30-60 minutes.

If you have a good quality microwave you can also cook these in the microwave. It needs to be one with good heat distribution. Cooking them in a microwave is nearly as good as frying them but a lot more healthy as they are very low in fat when microwaved.

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