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Frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between the curry kits and instant curry kits?

The Curry Kits are the simplest formula we could devise to create a curry like those in good Indian restaurants. They require a little bit of cooking and preparation such as chopping an onion and so forth. The Instant kits were developed to provide as good a curry as possible with no real cooking, just add oil, chicken and water. On the whole we and most customers prefer the Curry Kits for flavour but for ease and convenience the Instant kits are fantastic and the flavour is very good. However some customers and one of our staff prefer the instant kits. The Instant kits are only available in 5 varieties. The Instant kits serve 4 portions and the regular kits serve 8-10.

The recipe is sized for 1 portion how do I cook for more than 1?

Just increase all of the ingredients by the number of people you are serving.

How big is a tablespoon?

A tablespoon is 15ml and a teaspoon is 5ml. Where we call for a heaped tablespoon or teaspoon just double the flat amount.

The curry calls for a lot of oil must I use that much?

Curries served in most Indian restaurants sre typically very oily and often have a lot of oil floating on top. The oil serves a number of purposes as follows:

  • It is the medium which carries the spice flavour and aroma
  • It lubricates the sauce making it easy to eat and swallow
  • It lessens the bitterness of the spices
  • It reduces the heat of the chilli
  • It makes the curry shiny and glossy to look visually attractive
So if you want the full Curry House look, taste and feel use the oil as directed. We recommend Olive oil which is healthier than the ghee used in most restaurants. If you are eating a lot of curries on a regular basis we suggest you reduce the amount of oil used to half at least which will still produce a pretty good result. We do not recommend eliminating all the oil as this will produce a bitter and harsh curry with a cloying texture.

Can I use tinned tomatoes instead of tomato puree?

Yes you can. If you puree them then tinned tomatoes will be like watered down tomato puree and many of the recipes call for tomato puree plus water. If you do not puree the chopped tomatoes you will get a different texture that you may or may not prefer, give it a try and see which you prefer.

Can I use fresh Ginger and Garlic?

Yes you can but please amend the recipe so that you add the fresh ginger and garlic with the curry spice seasoning so that it cooks off the bitter and strong flavours. Pureed or minced ginger and garlic have already been cooked off.

Do your kits contain gluten or wheat flour

Most do not but a few specialist kits and the instant kits do. If you drilldown on the product "more info.." page it will show detailed allergen advice but please read the packet upon receipt, if it is not suitable we will refund your purchase.

My rice always goes wrong - any advice?

Yes, the following recipe is pretty foolproof for good rice. Use a good quality Basmati rice. Bring a large pot of water to the boil with 2 teaspoons salt or 2 Knorr chicken stock cubes. Add One and a half cups of the rice for 4 people and bring back to the boil then simmer for 8-9 minutes, drain into a colander or sieve and leave to stand for a further 5 minutes before serving.


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