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April 2017

Things we are working on and coming soon...

We have a new kit this month see below and a few more in the pipeline coming soon.

This month's featured Kit is our Spicy Meatball Curry Kit

Bite sized spicy lamb or beef meatballs in a creamy tomato curry sauce. Total comfort food. This kit is so simple to prepare and cook with amazing results. If you want to save time you can cheat by using Swedish meatballs available in most supermarkets to cut out most of the preparation time.

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This month you can choose from the following kits as a free voucher with any order

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Tomato based sauce with lots of chilli and of course some potato pieces signify this national dish originally from the Portugese in Goa. This restaurant style version is easy to cook in 30 minutes.
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This kit recreates the essence of those 1970s chicken curries but with a really big improvement on the spice quality. A little cream, some tomato, some stock and of course a few sultanas.
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Rich creamy and sweet with double coconut flavour for an indulgent dinner. Mild and very aromatic. Best with rice and nan to get the best of the thick sauce.
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Spicy Singapore Noodles Stir Fry curry. Lots of crunchy healthy stir fried vegetables with meat, chicken or prawns with a spicy kick. A hug in a bowl!
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Rich Aromatic Malaysian curry sauce with lemongrass, galangal, aniseed and a medium heat. Very easy to cook and ready quickly.
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Latest New Products

Limited Edition Products

We occasionally make small limited edition products such as chilli sauces, chutneys and curry sauces. They are limited either because product availability is scarce or seasonal or because we wish to see if a new product is worth launching as a regular thing. These products are avaialble to buy at a reduced price and we would love to have your feedback.

Molly Millars Mustard

Molly Millar's Mustard is an American style mustard which is tangy and a little bit more pungent than most American mustards. Molly Millar was the town witch of Wokingham (where we are based) in the late 18th century and has a road, industrial estate, roundabout and pub named after her. Not much is known about her but this recipe is based on her own recipe. Ok we made that last bit up but we wanted to name this after her as somehow it seems apt.

5 Available only £4.99 each

Pickled Scotch Bonnets

These soft pickled Scotch Bonnet chillies were first dried and then rehydrated in Wine vinegar with a little salt and sugar to preserve and balance the flavours. For those who can handle the heat these are best for snacking on with curries and kebabs. 250ml Jar. When the chillies are used you are left with a fantastic spicy concentrated vinegar for chips, salad dressings or simply dunking crusty bread.

5 Available only £3.99 each